It started with a routine trip to the store.

Suddenly you hear a screeching of tires and the harsh sound of metal hitting metal. In the split second before you can brace yourself, you feel your car moving from some unseen force!

Hidden Damage

It’s tempting to minimize your own injuries because your car has sustained little or no damage. Research shows that occupants can be injured considerably more than what you’d expect from a dented fender or a broken taillight.

The Medical Solution

If you visit the emergency room, you may be given a clean bill of health because you don’t have any broken bones. You might get a prescription to reduce the muscle spasms caused by structural changes in your neck or lower back.

After what you’ve been through, you’ll need a health professional that truly understands soft tissue injuries, spinal biomechanics and rehabilitation strategies.

Traumatic Injuries

Injuries related to auto accidents, slip and falls and other personal injury accidents are traumatic injuries. This simply means that the injury was significant in nature and directly caused by the accident, and not over time like an over-use injury. When a traumatic injury occurs, muscles, soft tissues, ligaments, joints, discs, and possibly bone may be damaged. When the damage occurs to these structures, inflammation and altered movement can last for weeks, months and even years if not addressed and treated properly. If not treated, your body will try to heal itself in a less than ideal way by laying down scar tissue. This causes the muscles that were damaged to become either chronically weakened or tight. If these injuries are not addressed and treated, the biomechanics of the region will be altered for the long term. Most of the time, treatment is a necessity because your pain level may be too intense not to seek treatment. One mistake that many accident victims make is not seeking care for their pain because they do not believe they were really hurt. Many times the pain doesn’t start right away, or only lasts for a few days following the accident, then comes back within a couple of weeks. These patients always retrospectively wish they would have taken care of their body right away, instead of seeking treatment a few weeks or months after the injury or accident.

We Can Help

Whether it was a little incident in the parking lot, or two cars attempting to occupy the same space in an intersection, you need people who know how to work with lawyers and insurance companies.

If you’ve been in a car accident, give us a call. We’ve been through this many times. Not only can we usually offer drug-free care, we can help put this behind you once and for all.

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